[new work for Violin and String Orchestra

- Metropolis Ensemble Commission

World Premiere: 2020/2021 TBA [Siwoo Kim (vn.), Metropolis Ensemble]

Duration: 00:15:00




SELF IN MIND IV for Percussion Solo

- June Hahn Commission

World Premiere: 2020 Jan 02. IBK Chamber Hall, Seoul Arts Center, South Korea. [June Hahn]

Duration: 00:08:00


- Zodiac Trio Commission

World Premiere: 2020 TBA [Zodiac Trio]

Duration: 00:08:00

UNTITLED for a mimist and ensemble 

(Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Vibraphone, Mime)

World Premiere: 2019. Sept 27. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Seoul, South Korea. [ensemble blank, Jaehyuck Choi, Ray Wang (mime)]

Duration: 00:07:00


(1-1-1-1. 2-2-2-1. Harp. Pf. 3 perc. 1-1-1-1-1. Bb Clarinet Solo)

World Premiere: 2020/2021 [Ensemble Intercontemporain, Matthias Pintscher, Jerome Comte (cl.) ]

Duration: 00:11:00


DUST OF LIGHT  for ensemble

(1-0-2-1. 1-0-1-0. Pf. 1-1-1-1-1)

World Premiere: 2019. June 28. CENTQUATRE-Paris, France. [Ensemble Intercontemporain, Julien Leroy]

Korean Premiere: 2019 June 28. IBK Hall, Seoul Arts Center, Korea. [Ditto Chamber Orchestra, Gyu-Seo Lee] 

Duration: 00:10:00









NOCTURNE VI  for Orchestra

(3-3-3-3. 4-3-3-1. Harp. Piano. 3 percussionists. Strings)

World Premiere: 2020. Feb 11. Concert Hall, Seoul Arts Center, South Korea. [Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra. Nara Chung]

Duration: 00:10:00



SELF IN MIND III  for Solo Violoncello

World Premiere: 2018. Nov 11. Morse Hall, The Juilliard School. New York. USA. [Issei Herr]

Korean Premiere: 2019. June 22. TBA [Issei Herr]

Duration: 00:04:00




NOCTURNE V  for Voice and Marimba

- 2018 Festival du Périgord Noir Commission

World Premiere: 2018. Aug 19. Eglise de Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère, France. [David Fischer (tenor), Rémi Durupt (perc.)]

Duration: 00:08:00



SELF IN MIND II  for Solo Flute

World Premiere: 2019. May 12. Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland. [Yubeen Kim]

Korean Premiere: 2019. June 22. TBA, Seoul, Korea. [Rafal Zolkos]

Duration: 00:04:30



SELF IN MIND I  for Solo Violin or Solo Viola

- 2018 Menuhin Competition Commission

World Premiere (Violin Version): 2018. April 20. Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland. [6 Junior Finalists of Menuhin competition]

World Premiere (Viola Version): 2019. June 28. IBK Hall, Seoul Arts Center, Korea. [Ricahrd Yonjae O'Niell]

Duration: 00:04:30



WITH WINDS  (2017~2018)  for Flute, Viola, Vibraphone, and Harp

World Premiere: TBA

Duration: 00:08:30






NOCTURNE IV  for Solo Violin

World Premiere: 2018. Feb. Paul Hall, The Juilliard School, New York, USA. [Ji Soo Choi]

Duration: 00:04:00




(2-2-3-2. 3-3-3-1. Harp. Piano. 3 Percussionists. Strings. Clarinet Solo in Bb)

World Premiere: 2017. 11. 26. Studio Ansermet, Geneva, Switzerland. [Orchestre de Chambre de Geneve, Jerome Comte (cl.), Pierre Bleuse (cond.)]

Duration: 00:11:00






STILL LIFE II  for small Ensemble

(Flute (dbl. Bass Flute), Clarinet in A (dbl. Bass Clarinet in Bb), Percussion, Piano, Violin, Violoncello)

- SCI/ASCAP Commission

World Premiere: 2017. 04. 01. University of Michigan. USA. [Dal Niente Ensemble]

Korean Premiere: 2017. 06. 23. Ilshin Hall, Seoul, South Korea. [Ensemble BLANK]

Duration: 00:10:00



STILL LIFE I for Orchestra

(3-3-3-3. 4-3-3-1. Harp. Harpsichord (optional). Piano. 4 percussionists. Strings)

World Premiere: TBA

Duration: 00:12:00



NOCTURNE I  for Solo Flute - revised into Self in Mind II

- Commissioned by Jiweon Ryu

Duration: 00:04:30



NOCTURNE II  for Solo Violoncello

- Commissioned by Christine Lee

World Premiere: 2016. 06. 07. Chang Ucchin Museum, YangJu, South Korea. [Christine Lee]

Duration: 00:07:00






[  ]  for Ensemble (subtitle: Transparent transfiguration)

(Flute (dbl. Piccolo), Alto Flute (dbl. Bass Fl.), Bb Bass Clarinet, 2 F Horns, 1 C Trumpet, Harp, Harpsichord, 2 Percussionists, 1 Violin, 1 Viola, 1 Violoncello, 1 Double Bass. (strings may be doubled.)

World Premiere: 2017. 07. Gyeonggi Arts Center, Suwon, South Korea. [Members of the Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra]

Duration: 00:12:00



SELF-PORTRAIT VI  for Orchestra

( Harp. Piano. 2 Percussionists. Strings)

World Premiere: 2015. 08. Auditorium, Grafenegg Festival, Austria. [Tonkuenstler Orchester Niederoestrreich, Jaehyuck Choi (cond.)]

Duration: 00:09:00



SELF-PORTRAIT V  for String Quartet

- Yieum Ensemble Commission

World Premiere: 2015. 06. Sejong Chamber Hall, Seoul, South Korea. [Yieum Ensemble]

Duration: 00:14:00






SELF-PORTRAIT IV  for small Ensemble

(Flute (dbl. Bass Flute), Piano, Percussion, Violin, Violoncello)

- Ensemble CRUSH/Opening Festival fuer Aktuelle Klangkunst Commission

World Premiere: 2015. Feb. Trier, Germany. [Ensemble CRUSH]

Duration: 00:10:00



PURGATORIUM  for 1 Soprano and 2 Tenors

World Premiere: TBA

Duration: 00:05:00



MEMORANDUM ON A LINE No. 2  for 4 Sopranos and 4 Altos

- The New York Virtuoso Singers & Harold Rosenbaum Commission

World Premiere: 2015. Nov. National Sawdust, New York, USA. [The New York Virtuoso Singers, Harold Rosenbaum (cond.)]

Duration: 00:06:30



SUBSTANCE OF TIME  for Solo Violoncello

World Premiere: 2014. 03. The Juilliard School, New York, USA. [Gemma Nam]

Duration: 00:07:00



VIOLIN CONCERTO  for Violin and Orchestra

(2-2-2-2. 4-3-3-1. Harp. 2 Percussionists. Strings. Violin Solo)

- Gwacheon Symphony Orchestra Commission

World Premiere: 2014. July. Grand Theater, Gwacheon, South Korea. [Gwacheon Symphony Orchestra, Kyoung Hee Kim (cond.), Jaewon Yoo (vn.)]

Duration: 00:13:00



VIOLA CAPRICE  for Solo Viola

World Premiere: 2014. The Juilliard School, New York, USA. [Hayaka Komatsu]

Duration: 00:05:00



PIANO ETUDE No. 2  [Luminous Blur]

World Premiere: 2014. The Juilliard School, New York, USA. [Chi Wei Lo]

European Premiere: 2018. April. Geneva, Switzerland. [Pallavi Madhara]

Duration: 00:04:00







SELF-PORTRAIT III  for Violoncello and Piano

World Premiere: 2014. The Juilliard School, New York, USA. [James Kim (vc.), Chi Wei Lo (pno.)]

Duration: 00:04:00




(Alto Flute, Percussion, Violoncello)

World Premiere: 2013. The Juilliard School, New York, USA. [Jiweon Ryu (fl.), June Hahn (perc.), Maria Shim (vc.)]

Duration: 00:06:00



VIOLIN SONATA  for Violin and Piano

World Premiere: 2013. New England Conservatory, Boston, USA.

Korean Premiere: 2014. Isang Yun Hall, TongYeong, South Korea.

Duration: 00:11:00



SELF-PORTRAIT I  for two Violoncelli

World Premiere: 2013. Grand Theater, Daegu, South Korea.

Duration: 00:17:00







PIANO ETUDE No. 1  [Light]

Studio Recording: 2012. Mozart Hall, Seoul, South Korea. [Jomgyun Kim]

World Premiere: 2018. April. Geneva, Switzerland. [Honggi Kim]

Duration: 00:07:00






CELLO SONATA in E Minor  for Violoncello and Piano

World Premiere: 2010. Boston, USA. [Joinatsuru Yanai (vc.), Chi Wei Lo (pno.)]

Duration: 00:15:00







Studio Recording: 2009. Seoul, South Korea

Duration: 00:09:00